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Careers page

Create your company profile to have a career page ready and easy to customize.

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Vacancy Management

Create different job profiles, set up the best profile screenings based on technical skills, salary range, level, job format and/or categories.

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Manage Applications

Easily receive and manage applications by vacancy, have access to each person's application information, LinkedIn, GitHub Repositories, and resume.

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Automatic Booster

Once posted your job will appear in hundreds of technology communities according to category, stack adherence, and opportunity profile.

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Intelligent Screening

The perfect match between your job requirements and talent, our algorithms will ensure a fast and intelligent screening.


Talent Pool

Get access to our pre-validated talent base to invite for your selection processes.

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Get accurate and unbiased results with hard and soft skill assessments

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Unlimited Job Slots
Unlimited management users
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Unlimited Job Slots
Unlimited management users
Manage unlimited job applications
Schedule interviews
Access to a talent base
Technical and code tests
Behavioral test and soft skills
Access support with expert recruiters

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How do I get started in the BASIC plan?

There are three ways to start:

1. When creating the job, you need to choose the type of screening. Then choose "Activate BASIC". In less than 24 hours, our team will contact you if there are any outstanding issues with the job and company profile. After this, the vacancy will be updated and boosted. For the first subscription contract, a digital signature is required.

2. In your Dashboard, you can use the "Activate Plan" option available in the menu.

3. Use the form on this page to request proposal, put the requested data for a call with a specialist at Coodesh.

How does the Booster work?

Once published your job will appear in hundreds of technology communities according to category, stack adherence and opportunity profile

Does the platform have unlimited use of publications?

Yes, you can post all the jobs that are in the list of careers that the platform supports, see our list of available careers.

Up to how many people have access to the company's panel?

You can add 10 users to your recruitment and selection team on our Basic plan, to add more users please contact our sales team via the contact form..

What is included in the BASIC plan?

Besides all the features that are in the free plan, those with active vacancies in BASIC have the following benefits:

- Automatic booster to receive more applications;
- Exclusive active campaigns;
- Access to the Talent Pool;
- 10 users;
- Unlimited vacancies publication;
- Exclusive notifications and invitations to profiles in the talent base;
- Access to available assessment results;
- Receive recommendation from validated profiles in the base, previously.

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