Who we are

Coodesh is a SaaS skills-based assessment company, born in Belo Horizonte - MG that helps map and measure the skills of professionals in the technology area (DEVs, DevOps, Data Science and etc.).

Since 2020 we have already helped +600 companies of various sectors, sizes and locations with solutions for hiring, retaining and upskilling technology professionals.

We believe that in the current context for companies in-depth skills assessments are one of the biggest differentiators for success and synergy in assembling high performance technology teams.

Coodesh was founded by three programmers passionate about solving problems that go beyond the lines of code.

If you are looking to build a highly skilled TECH team, you are in the right place!

Coodesh was launched in the FOUNDER INSTITUTE acceleration program in Belo Horizonte/MG in 2019.

Our values


Where there is success, there are also exceptional people behind it. We spare no effort to help each other within our team or with the people who use our products/tools.


Work in the place that makes you happy, that inspires you daily, and helps you become the person you want to be. We were born with 100% remote teams, and we will always be.


We are all in the same boat. The people who work with us provide their opinions, visions, and suggestions all the time for continuous improvement. Whoever finds a problem feels responsible for helping to solve it.

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Belo Horizonte/MG - Brazil
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Support by email[email protected]
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Commercial phone+55 (31) 3566-7668