About Coodesh

Coodesh is an HR Tech SaaS startup with a Skills-based Assessment platform to test developers and technology talent.

We help create better connections between talents in the digital world and technology companies through technical and behavioral skills in the real world.

Since 2020, we have helped +700 companies from different sectors, sizes, and locations with solutions for hiring, screening, and upskilling tech professionals.

Meet Our Executive Team:
Gabriel Ferreira, Chief Executuve Office;
Glaydston Veloso, Chief Operating Officer & Chief Financial Officer;
Cristiano Albano, Chief Technology Officer;
Franciele Ghizzoni, Head of Customer Success.

Why do we exist?

We exist to maximize employability in the technology market in a more assertive way, with greater compatibility, focused on the evolution and healthy retention of talent in the company.

Coodesh was launched in the FOUNDER INSTITUTE acceleration program in Belo Horizonte/MG in 2019.

Our mission

Positively impact people who work or seek employment in the technology market, offering fair, accurate assessments of their skills and without prejudice.

Our vision

Become a global reference for talents seeking skill development and career opportunities.

Our values

Empathy: Where there is success there are also exceptional people behind it. We go to great lengths to help others within our team or with the people who use our products/tools.

Continuous improvement: We are always looking to improve our team, the platform, and our community.

Diversity: People must be evaluated based on their talent and development potential. Our work seeks to remove biases in hiring and enable different people to join teams.

Collaboration: We are all in the same boat. People working with us provide their opinions, views, and suggestions all the time for continuous improvement. Anyone who encounters a problem feels responsible for helping to resolve it.

Results: We are dedicated to delivering beneficial solutions for our clients, based on data analysis, strategic direction, and structured communication.

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Belo Horizonte/MG - Brazil
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Support by email[email protected]
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Commercial phone+55 (31) 3566-7668