Evaluate developers faster, bias-free, and with accuracy.

Coding Assessment platform with code testing that finds the best qualified developers quickly and accurately.

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How does Coodesh Assessment?


Create high quality, automated technical evaluations

Organize your tests by choosing the name, technology career and skills you want to evaluate.


Choose the tests and set up the flows

Choose between simple multiple choice tests or real-time code tests. You can configure best practices for engagement, usability experience, and anti-fraud.


Invite people in the best way

Create custom links to send through Coodesh or your favorite ATS. In addition, you can send invitations by email or to entire lists in just 2 clicks.


Analyze the results accurately

Real-time results with 100% automatic correction, lists by rankings, and reports with technical skill mapping.

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Where to use Coodesh Assessment?

With Coodesh Assessment your company will replace traditional assessments with an automated, fast, data-driven and bias-free method.



Identify the best profiles for your recruitment and selection process

Fast and scalable results
Reduced time and costs
Selection bias-free
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Understand your team's potential and achieve the best results

Identify skill gaps
Action Plan
Track Progress


Follow the evolution of your students in a personalized way

Identify skill gaps
Optimize your curricular matrix
Track Progress

You are in good company

Hundreds of companies have already scaled their evaluation process with Coodesh.



Low engagement
Create and maintain tests
Manual correction and proofreading
Inaccurate results
Lack of priority

Coodesh Assessment

87% engagement rate
30 more technologies and frameworks
Automatic corrections
Accurate results reports
Prioritize the best
Let's begin?

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Centenas de empresas já escalaram seu processo de avaliação com a Coodesh.



Baixo engajamento
Criar e manter os testes
Correção e revisão manual
Resultados imprecisos
Falta de prioridade

Coodesh Assessment

87% taxa de engajamento
+30 tecnologias e frameworks
Correções automáticas
Relatórios de resultados precisos
Priorize os melhores
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See how the Coodesh Assessment works

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Learn about our evaluation methods

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Fast Challenge

Assess theoretical and practical concepts in 20 questions with results in less than 30 minutes.

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Coding Challenge Icon

Coding Challenge

Evaluate using different types of algorithms and levels in more than 30 technologies.

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Project challenge icon

Project Challenge

Simulate a project with a final presentation in a duration of up to 7 days.

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Code evaluations to test in more than 30 technologies

Coodesh Assessment Plans and Prices

Learn how Coodesh can help your team evaluate talent at scale.


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Saiba como a Coodesh pode ajudar sua equipe a avaliar talentos em escala.

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How can I use Coodesh Assessment?

Recruitment and Selection: replace the traditional screening of resumes with a more efficient, fast and accurate method;

Retention: Accurate follow-up of the evolution of technology teams (upskilling);

Educational: Track the performance and evolution of students in bootcamps, courses, and end-of-module assessments.

Why should I use an evaluation platform?

You save time, increase your hiring speed, and diversify your talent pool.
With Coodesh's Code Assessment tool you can view skills data side-by-side with a candidate's resume, reducing wasted interviews and helping you find real hidden gems in the process.

What programming languages, frameworks and tools can I assess in the Coodesh Assessment?

Many of our evaluations can be carried out flexibly in the following languages or frameworks:

Languages: C#, C++, CSS, Go, HTML, Java, JavaScript, Typescript, Kotlin, Elixir, Swift, PHP, Python, R, Ruby, Scala, Python, Swift and Dart.

Tools and frameworks: NET, Angular, Spring, Laravel, Mocha, Node.js, React, Next.js, Redux, Django, Selenium, Cucumber, Serverless, Vue.js and React Native.

Others: iOS, Android, Docker, Git, Gitlab CI, Helm, Kubernetes, Mongodb, MySQL, PostgreSQL, RSpec, Spark, SQLite, and Terraform.

What careers can Coodesh help me evaluate?

Our test and problem library assesses technical skills based on the following career paths:

- Full-stack developer
- Backend developer
- Frontend developer
- Native or Hybrid Mobile Developer
- Data Science

Perguntas frequentes

Como posso usar o Coodesh Assessment?
Por que devo usar uma avaliação de desenvolvedor ou teste de codificação?
Quais linguagens de programação, frameworks e ferramentas posso avaliar no Coodesh Assessment?
Quais funções técnicas a Coodesh pode me ajudar a avaliar?

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