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Skills tests to hire the BEST TECH TALENTS. Tech skills assessments that replace resumes with real results.

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Questions and tests on hard skills, programming, and simulated projects.


Reduction in the time it takes to hire tech talent using the coodesh platform.


Delivering results with the highest precision and quality.

See how the Coodesh Platform works in Practice.


Create high-quality and automated technical assessments.

Organize your tests by choosing the name, technology career, and skills you want to evaluate.


Select the tests and set up the workflows.

Choose between simple multiple-choice tests or real-time coding tests. You can configure best engagement practices, usability experience, and anti-fraud measures.


Invite people in the best way.

Generate personalized links to send through Coodesh or your favorite ATS. Additionally, you can send invitations via email or to complete lists in just 2 clicks.


Analyze results with precision.

Real-time results with 100% automatic grading, rankings lists, and reports with technical skill mapping.

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Products for Companies

We provide everything from questionnaires, code tests, to simulated projects for in-depth technical assessments.
Pre-Interview Tests and Screening

Technical pre-interview testing software to qualify and identify the top technology talents.

Tech Team UpSkilling
Medir e Evoluir Equipes de TI

Learning Management System (LMS) to measure and enhance technology team skills.

Are you a developer looking to enhance your hard and soft skills?

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Solutions for Companies

Coodesh is the ideal solution for Tech Recruiters, Talent Acquisitions, Tech/Business Partners, and CTOs who need efficiency in technical assessments.

For Tech Recruiters

4x faster and more efficient tech recruiting
Hunting on a talent base validated by over 80,000 professionals
Library of technical, hard skills and code tests
Candidate management, interviews and feedback

For CTOs and Tech Leaders

Real-time online code testing
Automatic fixes and time savings
Simulation of real code projects
Fix reports for decision making

For Business Partners

Mapping and measuring the hard skills of technology teams
Engaging and monitoring the evolution of technology teams
Identification of the main skills gaps for new actions
Reports that help managers make decisions
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Explore the Types of Tests

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Evaluate theoretical and practical concepts with questions that yield results in less than 30 minutes.

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Coding Challenge

Assess using online code tests/algorithms at varying levels and in different programming languages.

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Project Challenge

Simulate projects in frameworks with 100% automated correction using Coodesh + repositories (GitHub or GitLab).

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