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Back-end Developer


Publicado 23/02/2021

To strengthen our product development of cloud-based solutions we are seeking a Full Stack Software Engineer, who has the enthusiasm to demonstrate excellency in creating new and innovative products with us.


  • Take responsibility for developing new cloud-based products or major features using the latest technologies and methodologies
  • Support our customers with solution analysis, development and integration
  • Create concepts for future developments of existing systems 
  • Advance and foster our culture of best practices, clean code and testing in our development processes



  • Deep knowledge in one or more of the following technology areas from experience in a professional environment or a considerable private project
  • Back-end development with Node.js or C#
  • Knowledge in Cloud Platforms and DevOps with AWS, Azure, Microservices and Terraform
  • Web Security with Authentication and JSON Web Token
  • Experienced to work with Git, GitLab, and Docker
  • Practical knowledge encompassing at least one full technology stack and familiarity with the other major technology stacks
  • Domain knowledge or interest in any of the following domains: Mobility, Connectivity, Big Data, Connected Navigation, Cloud Computing, Automotive
  • Considerable experience with agile software development and extreme programming, including but not limited to SCRUM, Kanban, Continuous Integration and Deployment
  • Naturally curious and boundless enthusiasm to learn new technologies
  • Knowledge in SQL Databases and NoSql Databases
  • Fluent English


  • Knowledge in Flutter
  • Front-end development with e.g. JavaScript/TypeScript and React.js


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    Pixida do Brasil

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