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Who we are

QikServe is a company built on innovation, quality and a willingness to take chances. That foundation runs through the entire company, powering product development, customer and partner relationships. Our internal staff community is continually driving our team to turn purpose into reality.

Where we’re going

Life at QikServe is fast-paced; the hospitality industry is undergoing a rapid digital transformation and QikServe is at the forefront of that change. We are already working with 60+ technology partners and supporting brands in 25 countries. That number is growing – and so is our workforce. If you want to work with a company on a path to being the global leader in self-service technology, you want QikServe.

Our values

Curiosity - We all have the power to drive change

When we have questions, we ask; we’re not afraid to explore options and challenge opinions. We share our experiences, embrace our successes and learn more every day.

Believe big - We're here to transform the guest experience

We empower each other by listening, supporting and being generous with our time and knowledge. We have the skills to innovate and lead, not be led.

Simplify complexity - We are honest

We keep things simple and work with integrity. In making technology understandable and accessible, our aim is to make a difference to people’s lives every day.