42 Codelab

42 Codelab

We are a product codelab to build and deliver high quality software

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We are a product codelab to build and deliver high quality software.

We are moved by challenges and we have a strange vision about the future. Because of that, we are pushed to challenge the status quo in every product we make. We do this through talent and versatility, with a team motivated by loving what they do and supported by a highly effective inventive structure.

We ended up building products beautifully designed, simple to use and with values that people really want.


42 is a team of real people, that work together around common values. We belive that people who follow our values can change the society and then, make greate products.

  • TRANSPARENCY ALWAYS: We work with total transparency to always deliver the best.

  • PUSH OUR LIMITS: Limits must first be overcome on the mental plane, then on the physical plane.

  • INSANE PERSEVERANCE: Perseverance accomplishes the impossible.

  • THINK BIG, ACT SMALL: Think big, start small, grow fast and sustainably.

  • DO WHAT YOU REALLY LIKE: "The only way to do great work is to love what you do." Steve Jobs

  • BE MOTIVATED: Every victory begins with the decision to try.

  • SHARE WITH OTHERS: The desire to share must be greater than the desire to keep knowledge to yourself.

  • ENJOY DIVERSITY: To be free is to float between diversity, without losing one's identity.


Our team is always looking for new talents that contribute to the advancement and development of new technologies and innovations.

Meet our vacancies and be part of our team.